A quantity "of" or "off" : r/grammar - reddit


FREE"Off", in the only relevant use possible in this case, would be used like so: "I'll take those books off your hands": as in you are removing the mentioned items: off is part of the phrasal verb "take (sth.) off". You could never use "off" in the example of the doughnuts above. ... See Details

r/Windows11 - Optimization for windowed games : ON or OFF


FREEThis allows games that run on DX11 and DX10 to run as Windowed mode with no latency. Like running it as full screen. This means you can run games at full screen windowed mode and go … ... See Details

Of. or off. : r/NoStupidQuestions -


FREEGood_Chemical_9088 • 22 min. ago. 2 of something would be 2 units of that thing. 2 off something would be whatever number minus 2 units. Hope this helps. 0. [deleted] • 13 min. … ... See Details

Virtualization On or Off : r/Amd -


FREEMaybe common knowledge: To remove your Ryzen CPU from the overclocking menu in Adrenaline, open up Task Scheduler and set "AMDRyzenMasterSDKTask" to disabled, then … ... See Details

Should I turn HDR on in Windows or leave it off? : …


FREELeave HDR turned off in Windows. Before you start a game, press "WIN+ALT+B" to turn HDR mode on (if the game supports HDR). Press the same keys again to switch HDR off. … ... See Details

Do u guys have the RawInputBuffer On or Off? : …


FREEThat is raw input and is always on in valorant, because valorant uses the unreal engine. The setting is called rawinputBUFFER. Ahh after googling it again, you’re right but there is a dev … ... See Details

Freesync on or off? : r/Monitors - reddit


FREEIt is by such a small amount you shouldn't worry and no screen tearing is really nice. How to use freesync correctly: Turn on G-sync/Freesync in your monitor's settings. Turn on G-sync in … ... See Details

On or Off? : r/DadWouldBeProud -


FREE1. [deleted] • 1 hr. ago. 1. nutsforbusts • 1 hr. ago. Definitely off and then we can get off together 😉. 1. FaithlessnessOk6180 • 1 min. ago. Off!! 😜 ️ ️. 1. ... See Details

on or off.. : r/girlsinyogapants -


FREEon or off.. A reminder for r/girlsinyogapants users: this is a subreddit for pictures of butts in, ideally, yoga pants. We're pretty easygoing when it comes to whether something is technically … ... See Details

On or off? : r/altgonewild -


FREE529 votes, 20 comments. 984K subscribers in the altgonewild community. Welcome to Alt Gone Wild, a place for tattooed/pierced/otherwise "alternative"… ... See Details

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