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PR and the Product Lifecycle: Prepping for Product Launch

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/pr-and-the-product-lifecycle-prepping-for-product-launch/

FREEWelcome back to “PR and the Product Lifecycle,” a series we recently kicked off where we’re taking a look at the evolution of PR from clinical development, through launch, and all the way to loss of exclusivity. Today, we’re talking about a critical period in a brand’s lifecycle: pre-launch. This is an exciting time – phase 3 data ... ... See Details

Generating Big Ideas in a Virtual World – Ogilvy Health

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/generating-big-ideas-in-a-virtual-world/

FREEGenerating Big Ideas in a Virtual World. 05/03/21. by Gordon Olsen. It’s safe to say that the pandemic has affected everything over the past year and the healthcare marketing arena is no exception. It certainly has had a major impact on how we interact with both colleagues and clients. We have become all too familiar with Zoom, MS Teams, or ... ... See Details

Don’t Believe Everything You Think – Ogilvy Health

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/dont-believe-everything-you-think/

50% offReliance on the first piece of information offered when making decisions (ie, “50% off” turns wildly overpriced merchandise into a steal) Availability bias. Reliance on immediate examples that come to mind when evaluating a specific decision (ie, getting burned on a high-efficacy drug in the past spoils all high-efficacy drugs thereafter) ... ... See Details

The Power of TikTok for Pharma Brands – Ogilvy Health

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/the-power-of-tiktok-for-pharma-brands/

FREEThe Power of TikTok for Pharma Brands. As most people are aware, TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications dominated by millennials and Gen Z users. It’s a platform that allows users to create short-form videos set to a soundtrack of published music or an original sound. While some TikTok personalities have taken off, brands ... ... See Details

#Everydaymatters: Pediatric Cancer Awareness – Ogilvy Health

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/everydaymatters-pediatric-cancer/

FREEThe cards will vary slightly to target different age groups and will focus on the patient’s superpowered ability to fight. In developing this leg of our #EveryDayMatters initiative, we hope to put a smile on at least one young patient’s face as they continue their fight against childhood cancer. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see. ... See Details

ASCO: Equity. Every Patient. Every Day. Everywhere.

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/asco-equity-every-patient-every-day-everywhere/

FREEIn the meeting opening, President Lori Pierce, MD kicked off the meeting with a focus on eliminating racial and socioeconomic disparities in cancer outcomes. She spoke of how the events of the past year have “galvanized ASCO to explicitly condemn racism, acknowledge its profound impact on public health and commit significant new volunteer and ... ... See Details

Analytics and Customer Service – Ogilvy Health

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/analytics-customer-service/

FREECompanies should note that investing in customer service pays off; 86% of customers would pay more (up to 25%) to a company with good customer service. A recent Wall Street Journal article, “Everyone Hates Customer Service and This is Why,” sheds some light on this issue. Available technologies, like artificial intelligence, are using data ... ... See Details

Update: Facebook’s Pharmaceutical Advertising Policy

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/update-%e2%80%8b-facebooks-pharmaceutical-advertising-policy/

FREEWhat Is The Update? From ensuring the use of appropriate language to preventing misinformation, Facebook’s Advertising Policies are intended to keep users safe while creating opportunities for businesses to thrive. As an ongoing part of those efforts, Facebook has strengthened procedures for their Prescription Drugs Policy as of August 25th 2021. ... See Details

Whoever Said “Build It and They Will Come” Doesn’t Know …

Link: https://ogilvyhealth.com/blog/whoever-said-doesnt-know-marketing/

FREEThink of it this way—would you rather open up a gas station just off the highway where there is a ton of traffic or in some remote location with none? Google helps you open up your shop where the traffic already is. Size and Focus. The importance for startups is to provide the best service and experience they can. To do that, the startup ... ... See Details

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