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Employee Leave Planner - My Excel Templates


FREEUsing the Employee Leave Planner. To download your new template, just follow the link that we have conveniently provided for you at the bottom of this page. Next, go to the “Data” tab at the … ... See Details

Profit and Loss Calculator for Excel - My Excel Templates


FREEAnd with the Profit and Loss Calculator for Excel, business owners can successfully: Forecast sales and expenses for a 12-month period. Assess your company’s major financial strengths, … ... See Details

Employee Orientation Template - My Excel Templates


FREEClick on the file to open the template. As soon as you have the file open, you can see how simple the Employee Orientation Template will make the entire process. Once the template is open, … ... See Details

Roommate Expense Template - My Excel Templates


FREEThe Excel file can be downloaded using the link below. The first page is focused on each roommate’s monthly bills. The expenses that are already entered are just suggested, so … ... See Details

Credit Card Payoff Calculator | Credit Card Payoff Template


FREEHow to Use the Credit Card Payoff Calculator. Designate the amount of money you can pay towards your credit card (s) each month. This can be found in the purple box marked “monthly … ... See Details

Warranty Tracker Excel Worksheet | Warranty Tracker - My Excel …


FREEThe warranty tracker Excel worksheet is incredibly easy to use and fill out. You can either type in all the information about your goods and products or print it off and fill it in by hand. The first … ... See Details

New Employee Record Chart - My Excel Templates


FREEHow to Use the New Employee Record Chart. Simply download the file below and select an easily accessible location on your computer. Click on the file to open the template. With the file open, … ... See Details

True/False Formula for Excel - My Excel Templates


FREEStart by selecting cell E4 and examine cells C4 and D4. =exact (C4,D4) This will return a True result as they are an exact match. Now go to cell E5 and compare the next two: =exact … ... See Details

Employee Termination Checklist | Employee Termination …


FREEThe next process is checking off what has been completed. For example, if the exit interview was completed. The next step is to put any comments concerning the reason for the employee’s … ... See Details

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