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The Ultimate List of Student Discounts and Deals - Winter …


FREEDec 15, 2022 · As a College Info Geek reader, you can get a free audiobook when you sign up below. After that, the service is $14.95/month. If you’re trying to find ways to read more books, then Audible is a good place to start. If you’re looking for books to start with, check out our list … ... See Details

FAFSA: Do I File As Dependent or Independent? - 2023–2024 …


FREEDec 15, 2022 · Just for reference, here are those criteria: You must have one of the following relationships to your parents: child (biological, step, adopted, or foster), brother or sister, or a … ... See Details

High School vs. College: The 10 Key Differences You Must …


FREEDec 22, 2020 · Your high school class schedule is probably comparable to a full-time job: you’re in the building for about seven hours each day. In college, however, you can expect to spend … ... See Details

Brain Fog: Why You Have It (Plus 5 Ways to Fix It)


FREERather than being able to hone in and focus, your mind constantly wanders off, making it difficult to get anything done. 2. Forgetfulness. Brain fog can affect your ability to remember all kinds … ... See Details

10 Dumb Mistakes Students Make When Choosing A …


FREEThe longer you hold off on choosing, the longer it’ll be before you can do that work – get past that initial slog – and start building up the interest and enjoyment that comes from skill. 10. … ... See Details

The EXACT Process for Using CLEP Tests to Skip College Courses


FREEOct 3, 2019 · Each test has a study guide that costs around $10, or you can get a study guide for all 33 subject areas for $25. You can also find the prep books for free at your local library. Even if you took all 33 CLEP tests, it would only cost you $3,696 (this assumes a $25 administrative fee for each test, just to be safe). ... See Details

8 Tips for Living On Your Own in College and Beyond


FREEDec 22, 2020 · Unless you’ve got a baller part-time job or live somewhere exceptionally cheap, living off-campus probably means you’ll need a roommate (or two, or three). And having … ... See Details

Struggling to Finish a Project? Try These 7 Techniques


FREEAug 28, 2020 · The simplest way is to use input from a task management app such as Todoist or Trello. As you check off tasks related to your project, Beeminder will automatically keep track … ... See Details

How the Federal Work-Study Program Can Make College Cheaper


FREESep 11, 2020 · 3. Off-Campus Jobs. Another percentage of available positions will be off-campus with participating employers. These jobs are a great choice if you can snag one. They’re … ... See Details

The Procrastination Equation: An In-Depth Breakdown - College …


FREEAug 3, 2017 · Featured Book. Today’s episode delves heavily into Dr. Steel’s book, The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done. If you … ... See Details

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