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Is That Management Retreat Tax Deductible? - CBIZ, Inc.

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/is-that-management-retreat-tax-deductible-article

FREEMeals at a management retreat held primarily for business purposes could be considered “business travel” meals under Section 162, or they could also meet the “meals incurred while at a seminar or conference” exception defined in Section 274. Travel to and from the primarily business retreat would also be deductible in this case. ... See Details

Tell-Tale Signs of Phishing

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/tell-tale-signs-of-phishing

FREEThe following are six tell-tale signs of phishing attempts: 1. Suspicious Sender Address. One of the easiest signs to spot a phishing attempt is a fake sender address. However, they can sometimes appear legitimate because many hackers use generic email domains like yahoo.com or gmail.com. Spoofing, the art of using lookalike and cousin domains ... ... See Details

Guide to Partial Plan Terminations - CBIZ, Inc.

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/guide-to-partial-plan-terminations-rps1

FREEWhen an employer lays off or terminates a large percentage of their employee population, this is referred to, for retirement plan purposes, as a partial plan termination. The IRS generally defines a partial plan termination as a reduction of 20% of the employer’s employee population, not taking into account employees’ voluntary terminations ... ... See Details

The Benefits of Comprehensive Property Data in a Hard Market

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/understanding-the-benefits-of-comprehensive-property-data-in-a-hard-market

FREEUnderstanding the Benefits of Comprehensive Property Data in a Hard Market. Transparency is a key component in any relationship. In almost every instance, the more one knows and understand about the object of that relationship, the better off they are in the long run. When applying transparency to property insurance the same is true. ... See Details

Capturing the Benefits of Bonus Depreciation and the …

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/capturing-the-benefits-of-bonus-depreciation-and-the-section-179-deduction-article

FREEThe PATH Act made the Section 179 election permanent and enhanced it. Businesses can take a $500,000 deduction of investments in qualified tangible property, including off-the-shelf computer software, computers, office furniture and equipment, business vehicles with weight in excess of 6,000 pounds and other types of business equipment. ... See Details

Leave Comes to West Hollywood, CA - CBIZ, Inc.

Link: https://www.cbiz.com/insights/articles/article-details/leave-comes-to-west-hollywood-ca

FREELate last year, the City of West Hollywood passed a minimum wage and paid and unpaid leave ordinance. The ordinance requires at least 96 hours of paid leave and 80 hours of unpaid leave. The ordinance took effect January 1, 2022 for hotel workers and takes effect July 1, 2022 for all other workers. Employer is defined as any person who directly ... ... See Details

Endowments & Foundations - CBIZ

Link: https://eflassociates.cbiz.com/practices/industry/endowments-foundations

FREEEFL Associates has extensive experience assisting institutional asset owners - Endowments, Foundations, and Pension Plans - of all sizes identify and attract exceptional professionals to fill key leadership roles. Our Consultants partner with our clients, from start to successful completion, on every search to ensure the selection of the ideal ... ... See Details

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